In august 2017 a case study was published called “On the Relation Between Unit Testing and Code Quality”. There are widely differing opinions on unit testing. Other’s will not code without them and others don’t think they are worth the time and money. So what did the study find?

The Case Study

The study looked at multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company. They took real life projects and looked at the data the companies could provide them at the time. This included test coverage percentage per file, and also bugs tracked down to specific lines of code in each file. …

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I have been coding manager tool for a tabletop game Mordheim. Turns out keeping track of your warband is a lot of work that could be automated. Like a proper geek I am making an app to just that.

Because of Covid-19 we have been playing online with Tabletop Simulator, and it has been a blast. Handling 20 units, rolling dice and building maps works well. Sometimes there are issues with placing units on slopes. Hence, we tend to favor flat surfaces. If you want to play Mordheim, or other tabletop games with your friends, it’s worth a try. …

Everybody wants to get better, but how to do it optimally and have fun in the process? Here are a few tips on how I try to keep up with the ever expanding software development universe!

Habits are better than knowledge

Let’s compare an experienced programmer with no habits to improve as a programmer to a driven beginner with a habit of learning something new every day. How long do you think it is going to take for the beginner to surpass the experienced programmer? It is inevitable.

Careers and skills take a long time to build, and they aren’t going to be built hacking…

Are you left frustrated after code review? Does it feel like the reviewer is being too strict and just wants to do things his way? Or maybe you feel that you can’t really say what you think?

After being on both sides of the table, I feel that I might be able to give some advice. Keep in mind that code review can be a struggle for both sides, and it helps to understand each role.

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Programming is often a team effort

Advice For Reviewing

Write a Summary

Chances are there are always a few tiny things wrong in a pull request. Somewhere a variable name is unclear, indentation is off, or…

This article will walk you step by step on how to setup a proxy on Heroku using Docker and Nginx. I will also show how to setup a simple frontend with create-react-app and a Nodejs server. All dockerized and running on Heroku.

As a heads up free Heroku apps take a while to start once they have fallen asleep, but this is happens only for free options. If you know a better free alternative, let me know!

Our final setup will look like this:

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For this setup we will use two Heroku apps. One for backend and one for frontend.


Valtteri Laine

Fullstack software developer

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